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With a  very good digital marketing plan, you can drive huge traffic to your website, distribute advertisement in emails, promote your eCommerce store or goods and generate more sales. Email marketing is especially good for CPC ads model such as those from revenuehits. This model of advertisement coupled with email marketing could generate thousands of dollars for you in a matter of hours. (Read up on revenue hits ads model)

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Digital Marketing
We all have some sort of business we need to promote. From garage sales to store items and mini importation business amongst numerous others. Perhaps we should ask. “can you make a thousand sales in a day?” if you answered no, my! You have no idea what you’ve been missing. A client got a thousand orders in an hour and had to pull down her digital marketing campaign because she could not cope with the ‘too much’ orders. But why is digital marketing so powerful?

It is relatively cheap and effective. Some platforms like JossyMall.com will not charge you for the first month. This is pretty much too generous considering the thousands and perhaps millions that first month might fetch for you. But the real secret is that advertisements are primitive. Modern browsers are designed to block advertisements besides; statistics have shown that 80% of internet users ignore ads while only about 0.4% the active internet users will ignore a digital promotion. Albeit all these mishaps, ads are extremely expensive. You could be burning a thousand dollars every day and not reach good mile. With digital marketing the return on investment (ROI) is about 4,400% based on recent statistics from JossyMall.com (A Nigerian based digital marketing firm). This means for every dollar properly utilized a return of fourty-four dollars is logged. All these within a period of a month. Better said, for every 360 Naira investment, 16,000 Naira ROI is logged. This analytics is for statistical representation only. 64% of digital marketers and clients on JossyMall have experienced at least 30,000% ROI! This is massive!! A successful business is one whose service is required by quiet many right? For digital marketing, everybody is a client as long as we all do one form of business or the other that needs traction or needs to make good profit. Isn’t that every business?
At this point, you might want to slow down to assimilate these magical figures you are starting to see. In fact, you might want to think of that one person you’ve known so long as a ‘g-guy’, ‘yahoo-yahoo’ (unpopular jargon that means internet fraudsters in the literal term. To not be confused with Yahoo. a legitimate technology company based in the United States). Perhaps, he’s been into digital marketing? So let’s give an illustration. Rhemi is an advertiser advertising his oranges via the conventional ways and platforms. Rhemi is like a little lad hawking oranges in a crowd. Most of them won’t see him, some of them would bulge him, making the oranges jilt and roll off the hawk pan. But think of Rhemi in a crowd of people that are all lovers of fruit juice. Not just that, they have all made up their mind to buy oranges only from Rhemi whenever he shows up! And this time Rhemi is not just hawking it, perhaps there is an overhead chopper making announcement and flying a banner f or Rhemi oranges. Rhemi would make so much sales he won’t be able to handle it. This is Digital Marketing. The most effective way to boost sales.

But you don’t have to be a seller. Indeed that Rhemi’s example was only an illustration. While there are numerous digital marketing platforms and many things you could do with them, a close analysis of  these platforms have made us stick with JossyMall.com They are indigenous, effective and generous not to mention their cutting edge advances  in digital marketing. It all boils down to creating an email list. Essentially you need to sign up as a digital marketer. It is free. Aside from creating email list, JossyMall.com allows you to carry out comprehensive tracking of all your digital marketing activities and contacts. You can create campaigns that are fully automated and smart. For instance, as a mini importer who imports shoes from 1688.com and with an email list of a thousand emails or subscribers, you want to show them exciting images of shoes from around the world every day and on the fourth day you want to give them an offer to buy shoes from you at discounted prices. What if some of them lost interest in shoes when they saw the first email? If you keep sending them shoe emails, won’t they become annoyed and perhaps leave your list? So how about you automate your campaigns (campaigns are emails, promo messages etc. sent to lots of people at the same time) to remove them from your shoe emails if they are no longer interested. You won’t even have to ask them, by tracking if they open and interact with the emails or not, the software can tell who’s still interested and who’s off. This also allows you to project how much people will be eventually buying from you even before the sales day. You can send bulk sms campaigns to every client, subscriber on your contact, monitor the ones viewing your campaigns and the ones avoiding it, create interesting and beautiful landing pages for your products, promotions, etc. generate email list of hundreds of users within a few days thanks to their powerful lead generation tools such as landing pages, smart forms, assets (downloadable objects such as movie, pdf, image, files), quizzes and surveys etc. What’s more? You can segment or group your email list/contact. You don’t want a situation where you burn resources to send shoe adverts to people who showed only interest in technology gadgets such as mobile phones. So by building a massive email list, what really is there?

          Do you know? Bloggers and web developers are now utilizing our suite of digital marketing and email marketing tools to drive huge traffics of up to 900k a week to their websites and blogs.

The power of wealth comes from this email list. Email is an indispensable part of our life. Everyone is increasingly using emails and you need to learn how to make money with them. With email, the largest spectrum of digital marketing, people have begun to make 6 figures to 7 figures on a monthly basis. Listed below are major ways you can make money from the email list you’ve built. (please note that this short descriptive does not cover the numerous ways to build a good email list. This is an essential key to attaining success but is it is so broad you might just have to Google/research it yourself) here is a tip though. Our team once built an email list of about fifteen thousand emails in 28 days. We created an asset (a downloadable object). Interested individuals will however have to fill out their first name and email in a form we also created. Upon submit, the asset is automatically downloaded to their devices while their emails are pulled into our list or campaign. We posted and discussed the asset in large facebook groups and even made video promotions for it. Now Imagine if what we can do with a 15,000 emails email list! If we were sellers, and we managed to get a thousand of them to purchase items from us at a profit margin of a thousand Naira per purchase, isn’t that a million? Now think…we can keep repeating this same process every month and how much do we pay to JossyMall per month? 3,000 Naira! (360 Naira makes a dollar)
Sell a product on the thank you page of your subscribers opt in, Revive your abandoned shopping cart, Create a paid subscription for premium content/online email based coaching. (Nagina Abdullah, the owner of Masala Body, made a whopping $20,000 in one of her best months by offering one on one coaching. She achieved all this with an email list of less than 5000 subscribers), Live webinars where you can pitch and sell your products (According to statistics, 80% of participants in a webinar comes from email list.) Affiliate marketing. (Jumia affiliate pays up to 11% commission on each sale you drive. Imagine if you could drive a thousand sales every day! Amazon and shopify also offers good affiliate programs. On shopify affiliate you can earn $2,000 on a single referral that purchases their shopify plus package. Remember our email list of 15,000 emails? What if we were able to get at least  five people to register for shopify plus ecommerce store plan? Isn’t that a million dollars? Chuckles. But our subscribers are interested in marketing coachings not ecommerce stores. This is why you have to be specific from the start what niche of email list you intend to build. Learn from us!) Rent or sell your email list. (JossyMall makes this easy, removing the usual negativities and barriers associated with the practice) and finally you can get paid to sell ads in your email newsletter. Build an email list where subscribers get info on education. Start  an advertisement agency, approach advanced studies coaching schools, academic establishments etc, give them reasons to advertise in your newsletters. They would love to if you have such a large email list of ‘true people’. From experience and statistics, these academic centers are one of the largest spender on advertising in Nigeria. You could make up to 100,000 Naira a week from just five clients.
Digital Marketing is quiet broad than what can be contained in a two paged print. You can however take a full digital marketing course on JossyMall.com and get an internationally recognized certification for it. This one is also free.

(published by DIGPROM, in their monthly promotional  magazine January 2019)

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I have a degree why do I need this certification?

Indeed it is hard to imagine how any business can survive the hurdles of this 21st century business world without an arsenal of people or workforce who deeply understands the way digital marketing works. We live in the digital age don't we?

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JossyMall digital marketing started out as JossyMall ecommerce. Our poor sales forced us to creating a revolutionary marketing solution which we now operate today. JossyMall is registered under the group-trade and registration name KIBATECH. We are based here in our freezing office space Abake house, Ilorin, Nigeria.

IIT++ certification in digital marketing + $3,000

So when you are done with the free IIT certification which you can apply for on this page, we have quiet another beautiful offer for you. The IIT++ certification. The duration for the digital marketing course is 6 (six) months and it is free. In fact, the governing body for the certification will be rewarding you with a $3,000 cash gift if you score above 85% in the examination preceding the certification

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