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JossyMall Interactive July 2019 Press Release

If you make contents or own a business, here is how we can help your business become highly profitable within a month and it’s free!

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JossyMall is a free media content distribution platform that provides massive exposure to user submitted contents and gives them a way to earn huge returns on their free contents as long as our two main criteria for submitting contents are met. Originality and Freedom. Freedom in the sense that you grant other users the permission to download your content free of charge and re-use them in their own personal or commercial projects without being indebted to you in any way. While your content has to be free, you can earn as much as a thousand dollars per content or even more. Such contents include but not limited to music, stories, tales, videos, 3D models and photos. All business can be packed into a content. Your skillfulness in making your business available to our thousands of users in the form of contents will go a long way in spelling success for your business. For instance, if you own a coaching business, a short but interesting video of your tutorial or coaching session would be a good content to engage with users. Here is how JossyMall can help the following category of users improve their business and even allow them earn massive income while they are at it.

On JossyMall, you do not have to win a contest to make money. Even as a bad looser in any content, you might still comfortably earn more than the emerged winner. This is because For contents submitted into contests, you will earn about $0.005 for each download, $0.005 for each comment $0.005 for each rating above 3.0 and $0.004 for each view or ‘hit’ on each of your contents.

Fashion designers.

Get the right exposure to scale your business, meet the right customers, and participate in monthly fashion design contest to stand a chance to win a thousand dollars. To improve your skills, you need to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends, participating in our monthly fashion design contest is the best way to do that.


Getting into the right modeling career might be hard. With modeling agencies taking most of the profit, making enough income sees harder. With a few uploads of your photos to JossyMall, we connect you with brands and thus increase your chances of having a favorable modeling career


Paint artists or musicians, earn valuable returns on each content you upload especially when you participate in monthly contests. As a musician, this is the right avenue to hit up to a thousand downloads per day for your music and we can bet on that.

Small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs)

Every business needs to connect with potential customers. Uploading your portfolios to a corresponding business content category will definitely give you a big boost and head start in the business world.


Sharpen your skills. Learn more with visuals of the theories you’ve learnt in class, develop your in-built skills and vocational prowess. Be inspired to be great, take part in monthly academic contests and win great prizes!

Ecommerce vendors and sellers

Hit more sales by uploading photos of your items and products in the e-commerce content category. Our users are ever searching for ‘cool and hot’ items in the e-commerce content category and you might as well start receiving massive buyout enquiries.

Cake makers/Bakers

Get to meet high spending clients. Participate in monthly cake and baking contests. You only have to upload photos of your cake creations and watch people rate your cakes and even make comments on them. The right way to engage people and make them talk about your business!

Vloggers and bloggers

JossyMall accepts short video submissions too. We hold monthly rap battle contests, nature and lifestyle documentary contests, comedy drama contest and ‘meet-me’ video contests.

Authors and story writers

Submit your stories, share your inspiration and ideas in writing with users from all over the world. No is the time to become that great author you’ve always wanna be while still making lots of profit each time you participate in contests.

3D modelers and Game developers

As a modeler and game developers, JossyMall offers and alternative environment to distribute your contents. From models to animations to mobile and desktop games, you are sure to find a large-enough user base to give your contents massive downloads. We also hold monthly contests for 3D arts makers and game developers.