JossyMall will reward you with up to $10 for every question you ask in the business community

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Asking and answering questions can make you a billionaire and quickly too.

In this article we explore how this is possible and how you can start participating in this program. Remember all those questions you asked google? You could make thousands of dollars by asking those same questions here in the academic and business community. JossyMall Q&A

Users of our Q&A platform are gloriously called knowledge contributors. JossyMall is not a referral nor advertising platform but we carry out advertising and referral functions anyway. However, JossyMall only reward it’s users for contributing knowledge massively to the business and academic community. This means you are rewarded for things you do that adds value or knowledge to the community… like asking questions, voting questions up or down, giving answers, voting answers up or down, e.t.c and every other activities that directly or indirectly contributes knowledge to the platform. A major blockbuster significance to this is however the fact that you are not paid meager remunerations for these actions but in fact, you are handsomely rewarded. An average internet user would be able to make $400/week on JossyMall with little dedication as long as he/she contributes valuable knowledge to the community. However, giving how easily such highly rewarding platform could be spammed, JossyMall doesn’t disburse these remunerations in quick time. Every user on the platform, needs to prove that they are a genuine knowledge contributor and are not only lured to the business community for the financial gains or to spoof people.

           This makes it such that users are only able to receive or withdraw their earnings only after they’ve earned at least 100 badges. Users who made this benchmark would have their outstanding funds settled to their withdrawal account details within 48hours of the time they received their 100th badge. These first settlements would, upon estimation, run into about a hundred thousand points. Since one dollar equals a point on JossyMall, that is about a hundred thousand dollars! ($100,000). This feat can be achieved within two years for an average internet user who is undoubtedly, a very good and influential knowledge contributor. Forthwith, users will receive their points or earnings settlements directly into their designated withdrawal wallet once every month.

           On JossyMall, Badges are like awards given for demonstrating intelligence, achieving certain feats or finishing tasks. While new users might be able to accumulate up to 10 badges within the first week of registration, it usually becomes a little bit harder with each progress. Nevertheless, it is an amusing, interactive and interesting experience all through not to mention the great reward that hinges itself to the 100th badge!

JossyMall Q&A itself makes all these money from advertising and affiliate marketing. The contents you submit to JossyMall such as questions, comments and answers drive traffic or people to the platform hence, sales.

Sigun up on JossyMall => Contribute knowledge and content to JossyMall => Earn 100 badges => $100,000 dollars and a brand new SUV!



1. 10,000 views on all your questions

2. 10,000 unique comments on all your questions

3. 10,000 unique answers on all your questions

4. 10,000 up votes on your 

Remember that with JossyMall, the only way to earn more badge is by earning more points. Telling the world about JossyMall will get you closer to your goal. Spread the knowledge!

A very good way to achieve these feats is to share your questions more on social platform, encourage your friends to participate in it. If you are an educator, consider using JossyMall Q&A to facilitate learning for your students.

The smallest living unit of technology is code
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The smallest living unit of technology is code
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